It’s a Dairy Tale Come True: Company Invents Chocolate Butter

New Zealand dairy company, Lewis Road Creamery, has invented the world’s first chocolate butter spread

No, this is not Nutella; this is something totally different.

Chocolate butter sounds like the type of product we’ve seen before, somewhere in the depths of a Trader Joe’s, but the world’s first butter flavored with real chocolate has been invented by New Zealand-based dairy company Lewis Road Creamery in collaboration with Whittaker's Chocolate. This palm-oil-free product is the butter upgrade we’ve been looking for.

"As soon as we tasted it, we knew we were onto something special,” Peter Cullaine, founder of Lewis Road Creamery, told The Dairy Reporter. "It will most appeal to those seeking an indulgent, real chocolate spread made from simple, quality ingredients.”

The butter, made with Whittaker's 72 percent Dark Ghana Chocolate, is unfortunately only available in New Zealand right now, but if the product sells well, Cullaine and his team will bring it to other international markets.


Can’t wait that long? Try this recipe for homemade Nutella that comes close to that chocolate buttery goodness.