Iron Chef Morimoto’s First Ramen Restaurant Opens in New York

Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto’s highly anticipated first ramen restaurant opened with traditional and modernized ramen styles

The noodle competition is fierce in New York, but an Iron Chef will surely have a foothold within the ramen rivalry.

Last fall we announced that after multiple successful Pan-Asian and Japanese restaurants, Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto would be opening his first-ever ramen-centric restaurant. Last week, chef Morimoto finally opened Momosan Ramen & Sake in New York City’s Murray Hill neighborhood.

The restaurant will feature the chef’s “elevated spin” on traditional ramen styles like tonkotsu (made with soy tare, pork chashu, aji-tama, takana, kikurage, garlic oil, and toasted nori) and pork chashu (pork belly), as well as other ingredients like taberu rayu (crispy garlic chile oil), aji-tama (overnight, soy-marinated egg). Each ramen dish is made in partnership with Sun Noodles.

In addition to an extensive ramen selection, Momosan will also offer a variety of appetizers including Tetsunabe Gyoza with pork and chives served on an iron skillet with scallion ginger sauce; Chashu Salad with pork chashu, romaine, cucumber, and spicy garlic sauce; and Peking Duck Taco with cucumber, hoisin, apricot sweet chile sauce, and wrapped in crispy gyoza skin.


Of course, as the restaurant’s name implies, there will also be a wide variety of sakes as well, including 21 regional selections that complement each dish on the menu. Additionally, the menu will feature several sake-based cocktails.