The Internet Still Isn't Over This Drive-Thru Prank Gone Wrong

People will do a lot of things on the internet for a quick laugh; some even making careers out of it. In 2016, an attempted prank on a drive-thru employee went viral as an epic fail, and it looks like the internet still isn't over it.

The two pranksters, Robby and Elliot, kicked off their Dynamic Duo TV YouTube channel with a train horn prank video, in which the men drive around honking their horn to get a reaction out of people.

Most people were both scared and mad, including a drive-thru worker who gave the pranksters a taste of their own medicine.

"You're not getting your drink. Go," the employee said, throwing not only the man's credit card, but also his soda into the car.

One of the men tried to retaliate by throwing the drink back at her, but not before she shut the drive-thru window on him.

"That's what happens when you prank," one of the men said. "They get kind of mad."

Even after one year and more than 2.9 million views, the video has received more dislikes than likes on YouTube.