Indiana Pizzeria That Refused to Serve LGBT Couples Temporarily Closes

The owners of Memories Pizza, after vocalizing their socially conservative views, have been forced to shut their doors

The slew of bad publicity this small-town pizzeria has gotten over the past week has forced it to close temporarily.

After Indiana passed its controversial Religious Freedom bill, Governor Pace may have tried to assure his constituents and fellow Americans that the bill would not allow for discrimination of any kind, but Memories Pizza soon became the first Indiana business to assert that they would refuse to cater LGBT weddings. Co-owner Crystal O’Connor said, “We're not discriminating against anyone, that's just our belief and anyone has the right to believe in anything.” Now, due to the barrage of criticism and bad publicity, the pizzeria has been forced to close temporarily, co-owner Kevin O’Connor told TMZ. 

Kevin O’Connor also cleared up one thing: he would never deny serving pizza to a customer based on his or her sexual preferences, but his beliefs would not allow him to service an LGBT wedding. After the couple told a reporter their beliefs, boycotts of the restaurant were called for, and he and his wife received death threats.


But the pizzeria does have its supporters. A GoFundMe campaign was set up to raise money for Memories Pizzeria, and already has garnered more than $530,000 in support for people who were “only expressing their faith and social points of view.”