IHOP Fail: Breakfast Chain Tries to Appeal to Younger Audiences by Body Shaming Women

IHOP apologizes for an offensive tweet that compared pancakes to “flat” women

Why would IHOP think this is a good idea?

We know that fast food and fast casual chains have a “thing” for appearing cool on social media.Remember when Taco Bell’s two-word tweet, “Taco Bae” became one of their most retweeted posts ever? But IHOP has taken their Twitter marketing campaign a little too far. Like their maple syrup, the breakfast chain may have found itself in a sticky situation. We’ll let the Tweet speak for itself:

Why would IHOP think this is a good idea?


The tweet, which seemed to body shame women, has since been deleted.

This is certainly not the first time that IHOP has tweeted out crude humor. “Who knew IHOP was so hip? The pancake chain has found its voice on Twitter, and it sounds an awful lot like a teenage hip-hop fan,” an AdWeek Op-Ed pointed out.


And men aren’t safe from IHOP’s Twitter quips either: