If You Eat Within This Timeframe, You’ll Stay Thinner

If You Eat Within This Timeframe, You’ll Stay Thinner

No wonder midnight snacking is bad for you.

As it turns out, it may not be what you eat but when you eat it that makes a difference in your waistline. A study published in the journal Cell Metabolism has found, after extensive research on mice, that restricting food intake to an eight to 12-hour period will greatly increase your chances of staying thin or losing weight.  

Scientists discovered that after comparing the overall health of mice that ate within the 8-12 hour timeframe to those that ate around the clock, that even the former test subjects with diets high in fats and sugar stayed leaner. In addition, the scientists found that even when mice were allowed to binge on the weekend, as long as they did so within the magical 12-hour timeframe, with a 12-hour fasting break, they stayed thinner than mice that did not follow such time restrictions.

In conclusion, when we relate these results to a human diet, the scientists at Salk Institute found that when it comes to consumption and expenditure of calories, our body definitely responds to circadian rhythm-like time intervals.

“You don’t have to really calorie count,” one of the researchers, Amir Zarranpar told Next Shark. “What this really works on is your own biology and letting your body use its own evolutionary metabolic pathways to shuttle energy appropriately.”


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