Ice Cream Ramen Is Trending and It’s Strangely Beautiful

Ice cream ramen is actually made with kanten (a jelly-like noodle) and served over condensed milk and flavored crushed ice

The translucent ramen noodles look like an exotic squid.

The latest colorful Instagram craze taking over our feeds is not rainbow-colored, but it’s just as bright.Ice cream ramen, made with kanten, a traditional Japanese jelly noodle that comes from algae, can now be found at the Dessert Kitchen in New York City.

Kanten is traditionally clear, but the translucent noodles can be flavored and served over a ramen “broth” of crushed ice, condensed milk, and sweet toppings like mango, cantaloupe, white peach syrup, and mocha, according to Bustle.


A bowl of ice cream ramen costs about $8, which isn’t terrible as far as New York City prices go. Plus, the noodles are highly photogenic. 


Yep this is a weird ramen dessert

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