An Ice Cream Museum Is Coming to Los Angeles

This is the second location of the Museum of Ice Cream pop-up, and it promises a sprinkle pool and ice cream tastings

Expect lots of hype, long lines, and tough-to-snag tickets.

Food-themed museums seem to be in vogue lately. First we had the chocolate museum that Jacques Torres just opened in New York, and now the Museum of Ice Cream is coming to Los Angeles in April. You may remember the same pop-up museum from its highly successful run in New York last summer, which famously featured a pool of sprinkles where visitors could dive into a giant pile of colorful sugary ice cream toppings.

The Los Angeles location is supposed to be four times bigger than its New York counterpart and will be less of a traditional museum and more of “an experiential ice cream journey.” New exhibits include a banana split room comprised of a thousand “bananas” (in quotes, so likely don’t expect “real” bananas), a melted popsicle jungle and a mint “grow room,” as well as an entire exhibit dedicated to California. The museum also worked with local ice cream makers to create new flavors and custom sprinkles and other toppings.


Tickets will probably sell out fast (last year’s New York installation had a 200,000-person waitlist), so make sure you get yours right away when they go on sale on Monday, April 3. (American Express card members can take advantage of a special pre-sale on March 30 and 31.) Tickets are $29 per person and include two ice cream tastings and “surprise edible treats.”