Ice Cream Man Gives Free Treats to Poor Kids Who Answer Math Questions Correctly

James, the ‘Ice Creamcycle Dude,’ pedals around to poor neighborhoods to educate disadvantaged kids with cold treats
Free ice cream. No calculators. Now that’s what we call an ice-solid education.

Photo c/o James Karagiannis via Facebook

Free ice cream. No calculators. Now that’s what we call an ice-solid education.

James Karagiannis is well known in the rougher neighborhoods of Buffalo, New York, as the “Ice Creamcycle Dude,” but he is no ordinary ice cream man.

Karagiannis, 36, set up shop in 2007 and quickly became a permanent fixture during the hot summer months. He sells ice cream for $1, and for those who can’t afford the reasonable price, he gives away the treats for free to kids who  can answer a math or history question correctly. Sometimes he’ll have them pick up litter. Talk about a win-win situation.

In his newest community outreach project, according to Business Insider, Karagiannis is raising money through cash donations from nearby Buffalo residents. He’s asking each kid who receives an ice cream cone or popsicle to write a thank you note to one of the donors. The postcards will be mailed personally to donors.

“I don't like the idea of just giving something away to a kid without at least trying to teach a lesson,” he wrote in a recent Facebook post. “We're in these neighborhoods every day and are a part of these kids lives, therefore we have the responsibility to be positive role models.”

He has already raised more than $6,000 in his fundraising efforts. You can donate to this sweet cause here.

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