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How Green Chef is Making Moves to More Sustainable Packaging

The company says changing packaging details can help the company be more sustainable

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The company says smaller packaging can reduce its carbon footprint by fitting more kits in delivery trucks.

Many meal kit companies, from Martha Stewart’s meal kit, Martha & Marley Spoon, to Blue Apron, advertise the benefits of using their services when it comes to cutting back on food waste. One meal kit company, Green Chef, says it not only seeks to minimize food waste through strategically portioned ingredients, but also fix a problem in the meal kit industry: excess waste from packaging.


According to Michael Joseph, CEO of Green Chef, the company aims to reduce the size of its packaging to be more sustainable, Fortune reported.


“We’re trying to stay on the forefront of minimizing our impact, since so many of our customers care about this,” Joseph told Fortune.


One way the company will push for more sustainability is by removing four pounds of ice from its kits this summer, reducing the overall packaging size by 20 percent. The company says that the move will save more than 200 tons of cardboard a year.



The company says it also traded in plastic jars for pouches, which the company says saves 55 tons of plastic.