How to Get Free Food on the First Day of Spring

Dairy Queen and Rita’s are giving away free icy treats to celebrate the arrival of warmer weather

There’s still snow on the ground, so spring has arrived in name only.

What’s the best way to celebrate the arrival of spring on March 20th? Why, with free cold treats, of course! We already told you about the small vanilla cones being given out at Dairy Queen locations across America to celebrate the first day of spring. But DQ isn’t the only one welcoming warmer days ahead with frozen treats. Rita’s — a Pennsylvania-based chain that serves Italian ices and custards — is giving out free small ices on March 20 for the 25th year in a row.

Celebrants of Rita’s silver anniversary will get to indulge in classic ice flavors like cherry, Swedish Fish, and cotton candy, as well as unusual seasonal varieties and newer additions like Peeps, Twizzlers, and Hawaiian Punch.


In the past, you didn’t have to choose between Free Cone Day at DQ and Free Ices Day, because they usually did not coincide. But why not head over to both Dairy Queen and Rita’s? DQ is giving you some incentive, after all: They will be donating proceeds to the Children’s Miracle Network.