Houston BBQ Restaurant Offers Open Carry Discount

Brooks’ Place boldly shows its support of the new law

A 25 percent discount for open carriers on the first day of the new law has changed to an indefinite 10 percent discount for both open and concealed carriers.

Texas’ new open carry law, which went into effect January 1, has forced restaurants to “take a side in the culture war,” according to Texas Monthly, as restaurants and other businesses are allowed to opt out of open carry by posting signs.

One popular BBQ restaurant in Cypress, Brooks’ Place, made its stance on the new law clear by offering a 25 percent discount for all customers that were open carrying on Friday, the first day the law went into effect, according to Houston Chronicle. The discount is now 10 percent for both open and concealed carriers.

Owner Trent Brooks says he noticed an increase in business on Friday, despite bad weather. Brooks also notes that despite some minor backlash on Yelp, the overall response has been positive. “There have been no complaints face to face,” says Brooks. According to KHOU, the restaurant is also teaming up with a local firearms instructor to educate customers and make sure they are using firearms correctly.

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