Hot Dog-Flavored Pringles Are Now a Thing as Weird Chip Flavors Trend Continues

Kellogg has released a new limited-edition Pringles chips flavor exclusively for Walgreens this winter
Looking to relive the hot dog days of summer this January? Now you (sort of) can.

Impulsive Buy/ Shutterstock

Looking to relive the hot dog days of summer this January? Now you (sort of) can.

Move over, Lay’s Do Us a Flavor contest, you’re not the only chip company with an affinity for bizarre chip varieties. Pringles has released a limited edition hot dog flavor, exclusively available at Walgreens.

That’s right: In the middle of winter, Kellogg, the parent company of Pringles, wants us to fondly remember the joy of barbecue season by imitating the flavors found in summer’s favorite processed meat in a potato chip.

The new Pringles variety is specifically called “Hot Diggity Dog,” with the tagline, “Try ‘Em!” according to an eagle eye at Consumerist who spotted the new flavor. You can get yours for $1.99 per cylindrical can.

This isn’t the only odd Pringles flavor we’ve seen floating around. Earlier this year, Pringles released a line of food truck-inspired chips, including Cheeseburger and Kickin’ Chicken Taco flavors. And if you are searching for some quirky crisps abroad, you can get seaweed Pringles in Thailand and soft shell crab in Singapore. 

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