Hostess Releases Peppermint HoHos For The Holidays

Ho ho ho, it's holiday HoHos!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas now that Hostess has released their first new flavor  for this popular confection since 1967 — Peppermint.

These holiday-exclusive HoHos, which are chocolate cakes rolled with a pink peppermint cream filling, will be available exclusively at Walmart stores across the country..

Hostess has also released a new product called Merry Minty Holiday Cakes, also only be available at Walmart. These are chocolate cakes filled and topped with green, mint-flavored cream filling; they resemble Hostess CupCakes. Both the HoHos and Merry Minty Holiday Cakes retail for $2.98.

Hostess is not the only company to celebrate Christmas early and graze over Thanksgiving (don't worry, we haven't forgotten about Turkey Day), among a large group of companies that are already launching their Christmas products. M&M's recently added made holiday flavors available to Target and Walmart stores. The candies are available in Hot Chocolate, White Peppermint, and Café Mocha flavors.