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Honey Nut Cheerios Removes ‘BuzzBee’ From Boxes in US, But for a Good Reason

The company is offering free wildflower seeds for its consumers to plant and ‘support the pollinators’

Jack Hong / Shutterstock

Around 30 percent of the company’s product ingredients rely on pollination.

Last year, Honey Nut Cheerios removed its iconic spokesbee, BuzzBee, on the Cheerios boxes in Canada in response to the deteriorating bee population. Now, the campaign has made its way to the United States to raise more awareness of the rapid decline of bee colonies — and what it means for the environment and the future of the world’s food.

A recent study by the University of Vermont mapped out the bee population and found that $3 billion of the United States economy depends on growing crops pollinated by bees. With the bee population vanishing, more than two-thirds of the crops used to feed people are at risk, according to the press release.

To combat the decline, Honey Nut Cheerios is calling out to consumers to “#BringBackTheBees” by planting 100 million wildflower seeds and creating “a more bee-friendly world.”

"As a General Mills cereal built around nutrition, helping pollinators get the key nutrition they need through fun, family-friendly activities like planting wildflowers is a natural fit," Susanne Prucha, director of marketing for Cheerios, said in a statement.


"Our commitment to increasing the habitat for pollinators is one way we are continuously striving to be a company that not only makes products people love, but a company that pursues creative solutions to make our world a better place for all families."

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