Honest Colorado Diner Busboy Who Returned $3,000 in Cash Gets Big Tip

A Colorado busboy who was struggling financially was honest and returned an envelope of cash; he already has a Go Fund Me page
Honesty goes a long way for this modest busboy.

Go Fund Me

Honesty goes a long way for this modest busboy.

The story of a busboy who honestly returned an envelope filled with $3,000 in cash to his boss at a Colorado diner has caught the attention of the Internet and his surrounding community.

Johnny “Thumper” Duckworth, a busboy at Randy’s Southside Diner in Grand Junction, Colorado, is used to seeing regular customers who come in several times a week to grab a classic diner meal. Now one of those customers, Darrel Cox, is indebted to him. Cox ordered bacon and eggs and when he left, Duckworth, who has been an employee of the Southside Diner for more than nine years, found something pretty important that the customer left behind:

“Boss, I found this envelope. It feels like it has a lot of money in it,” he recalled telling his boss, Randy Emmons, as he pulled out 30 $100 bills out of the envelope, according to the local news station Tucson News Now. According to Duckworth, the thought of pocketing the money never even crossed his mind.

“Right now, he’s riding his bike back and forth to work,” Emmons said. “It is winter. And he gets his paycheck garnished for medical bills he had to have.”

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Eventually, through the original customer’s nephew, they found that the owner of the cash was indeed Cox, who gave Duckworth a hefty tip of $300 out of the pile of cash. But that’s not all: Once word had gotten around about Duckworth’s story, a Go Fund Me page was set up and it has already raised $17,000 for the middle-aged hard-worker.