Homeless Man Arrested After Dining and Dashing From Disney World 2 Nights in a Row

He told police he just ‘likes to come to Disney’

The man admitted to targeting tourist areas, where he was less likely to be identified. 

Jerry Moody, a 51-year-old man who is believed to be homeless, was arrested earlier this month after skipping out on his dinner bill at Disney World restaurants two nights in a row.

Moody was arrested Tuesday, July 7, after he dined and dashed on a $92 tab at Disney's Contemporary Resort. According to police reports, Moody’s description also happened to match that of a man who had done the same thing the night before at the Polynesian, a different Disney resort.

The man reportedly acknowledged to authorities that he had been performing his evasive dine-and-dash technique in heavily trafficked tourist areas since at least 2005.

Moody has reportedly been arrested for the same offense dozens of times, but ignored court orders and trespass warnings because he simply “likes to come to Disney.”


Police charged Moody with defrauding an innkeeper and trespassing on property after a warning. He is being held on a $5,100 bond.