Hillary Clinton Visits NYC Ice Cream Shop, Indulges in Sundae Inspired by Her

Clinton stopped by Mikey Likes It Ice Cream in the East Village on Monday
Mikey Likes It Ice Cream sundae

Mikey Likes It Ice Cream

The Victory Mac Daddy, inspired by Clinton, is a chocolaty sundae owner Mikey Cole imagines Clinton would come up with herself.

Hillary Clinton stopped by an East Village ice cream shop while campaigning in New York on Monday.

Clinton says she was planning to take her dessert to go, “but it was, like, in front of me and I had to start eating it,” quotes Eater. And who could blame her? Clinton dismissed a press question on the dish’s calorie count, receiving support from onlookers as she continued to eat the ice cream.

Clinton indulged in the Victory Mac Daddy, a concoction creamed up by Mikey’s owner Mikey Cole. Cole imagines the sundae is a dish Clinton would come up with herself if given the opportunity “to create her own delicious, creamy, bespoke ice cream delight.”

Mikey’s says in an Instagram post that Clinton is a “chocolate ice cream aficionado.” The sundae is described as “A fresh double chocolate waffle packed with crushed Oreo cookie pieces, accompanied by a scoop of milk chocolate ice cream with mini semisweet chocolate chips and mini chocolate-covered marshmallows, covered in handmade chocolate whipped cream, and topped with a chocolate-covered cherry.”

Clinton isn’t the only presidential candidate backed by an ice cream-maker. Click here to read about Bernie’s Yearning, created by one of the co-founders of Ben & Jerry’s.

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