Wikimedia Commons: MDIneenwob

Hey New Yorkers: The Beloved H&H Bagel Is Coming Back… Sort Of

The sister store of the iconic H&H Bagel, which closed in 2011, is opening a new location on the Upper West Side

Wikimedia Commons: MDIneenwob

Carb nirvana is back in the house.

If you asked a dozen old-school New Yorkers to define the ultimate New York-style bagel, you’d get a dozen different answers. But many Manhattanites would longingly point to H&H Bagel — the classic Upper West Side store with fluffy, fresh bagels and no frills that closed in 2011.If you’re missing that twice-boiled taste of H&H, it actually may be coming back to the Upper West Side.

According to the West Side Rag, a new bagel store bearing the H&H name is coming this winter to Columbus Avenue and 85th Street, just half a dozen blocks north of the original H&H location. However, it won’t quite be the same thing. This store will actually be a spinoff of H&H Bagels Midtown East, a shop that was once affiliated with the Upper West Side store. It was called just H&H until the West Side owner sued the East Side owner for copyright infringement.

The original legendary H&H actually did not carry toppings. You could get a bagel, but you had to bring your own schmear. It looks like, according to H&H Midtown, they do sell cream cheese, butter, and other spreads.


Winter is coming, but so are your hot (never toasted) bagels. Look for the new H&H sometime in late 2015 or early 2016.