Here’s Why Bernie Sanders Ate a New York Hot Dog, But Clinton ‘Looked at’ a Cheesecake

In their New York visits preceding the state primary, the two Democratic candidates approached food very differently
Sanders was feeling the (heart)bern, but Clinton passed on the decadent dessert.

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Sanders was feeling the (heart)bern, but Clinton passed on the decadent dessert.

With a little over a week to go until the New York Democratic primary, both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are clamoring for metropolitan votes, by — how else? — riding the subway and chowing down on New York City staples.

Last week, we reported on John Kasich trying New York pizza (with a knife and fork) and this week, both Senator Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton went for irrefutable classics during their five borough visit: A Coney Island Nathan’s hot dog, and Junior’s cheesecake, respectively.

The only difference is Bernie Sanders was pictured voraciously chowing down on a dog with sauerkraut and mustard with his wife, while Hillary Clinton was criticized for visiting Junior’s in Brooklyn and ordering a ton of cheesecake without actually eating a single bite. 

“Cheesecake! Look at this fabulous cheesecake!" she reportedly said, without indulging in the famous Brooklyn cheesecake.

"I learned early on not to eat in front of all of you," she told reporters, possibly alluding to the fact that as a female candidate, she is more roundly criticized for what she eats.


We’ve reported previously that Clinton has a soft spot for burgers and lamb, while Sanders (minus the hot dog), sticks to a pretty strict paleo diet.