Here’s the Scoop on New York’s First Boozy Ice Cream ‘Barlour’

Tipsy Scoop is opening up in May and will offer all manner of 21-and-up frozen treats

We can’t think of a better mashup.

Hold onto your taste buds: Alcoholic ice cream is a thing (actually it has been for quite some time) and now New York City is getting its very own boozy ice cream ‘barlour’. The Tipsy Scoop will open May 7 on East 26th Street and Third Avenue. Savor unique flavors that could actually make you tipsy, like Patron-based margarita ice cream, Spiked Hazelnut Coffee, and Maple Bacon Bourbon.

On opening day, expect cool treats like “shots” of ice cream flavors served in sprinkle-rimmed glasses. Plus, the first 25 customers to arrive opening day will get $1 ice cream scoops, and the first 50 customers will snag a free t-shirt, according to AMNY.

The Daily Meal got a sneak scoop of some new flavors that will be showcased at the New York City shop: Irish Coffee (infused with Irish whiskey and coffee liqueur) and the Boilermaker (coffee ice cream infused with stout beer and Irish whiskey).


We were immediately blown away by the Irish Coffee flavor which tasted like vanilla soft serve spiked with a few shots of whiskey. The perfectly creamy texture (perhaps amplified by the alcohol?) was well-balanced with the strong alcohol aftertaste. On the other hand, although the Boilermaker had a great chocolate ice cream base, we barely tasted the alcohol. Maybe the cocoa taste overpowered the stout? Either way, we’ll be first on line next month when Tipsy Scoop opens.