Here’s How the New Chocolate Chip Oreos Stand Up to Other Wacky Oreo Flavors

We tried Oreo’s new “Choco Chip” flavor, the latest to come out of the mysterious Oreo vault

Better than red velvet, but not as amazing as the almighty cinnamon bun flavor.

First Oreo brought us cookie-ception with a cookies and cream variety, and now the brand is continuing its trend of cookie-flavored cookies with the brand new chocolate chip-flavored Oreos – a combination of the two best Nabisco brands.

We had a chance to try out the new flavor, which was just released from the Oreo Wonder Vault and is hitting shelves nationwide this month for a limited time. The cookie was described as “a first-ever dual-flavored wafer — golden and chocolate — with chocolate chip creme inside.”

Our verdict? Choco Chip Oreos are delicious, like most of the brand’s wacky flavors, with one or two exceptions (Watermelon Oreos, we’re looking at you), but it’s not too innovative. Despite a strong aroma of chocolate chip cookies, the Oreos themselves don’t taste all that different from the original kind we all know and love. It’s worth the money to try, but don’t expect anything too life-altering out of the plastic-wrapped cookie box.


To celebrate a new Wonder Vault flavor, Oreo is holding a social media contest that that will reward 250 Twitter users who tag @oreo and use the hashtag #HomeAwayFromHome with a set of matching Oreo-themed cookie jars.