Han Solo Pop-Tarts You Unfortunately Cannot Eat

You may think it’s a strawberry Pop-Tart, but it’s actually a toy!

Trick your friends into believing that Han Solo is actually trapped in this fake Pop-Tart.

A Han Solo Pop-Tart seems like it would be part of a, well, interesting breakfast — but unfortunately, it’s not edible.

Toy company Falcontoys has created a plastic Pop-Tart that looks like Han Solo trapped in the middle of the toaster pastry.

It’s called "Pop-Art: Frosted Han Solo" and retails for $30. The packaging hilariously mimics a strawberry Pop-Tart box. The description of the toy reads, “This resin toaster pastry closely resembles a POPular breakfast treat but I assure it doesn’t taste like one.”

Even the nutrition panel on the side of the box is funny. It reads, “These nutritional facts most closely resemble a POPular toaster pastry; they do not apply to the product in hand. I’m not realy sure what will happen if you eat 100% resin, but I bet it would suck so keep this toy out of your pie hole!”


If you ever want to play a trick on a diehard Star Wars fan or just want to freak someone out, place the fake Pop-Tart on a plate. They’ll be surprised to see Han Solo trapped inside!