Halfpops Ad


Halfpops Calls Upon Coders in Preparation for the Robot Apocalypse

Snack company gave away 500 limited-edition boxes filled with Halfpops snacks to those who passed its coding test
Halfpops Ad


This satirical advertisement has been well-received by fans for its creative approach.

With the countless snacking options available to consumers in this day and age, how does a new, small brand stand out?

Halfpops, maker of “curiously crunchy” half-popped popcorn, rose to the challenge in the form of a satirical, over-the-top ad campaign. The company released a video last month featuring a panicked narrator who was convinced that robots were going to take over the world. He called upon “code ninjas” that apparently speak the language of these robots for help. In return, Halfpops would be bringing the snacks.

The company delivered 500 limited-edition “Halfpocalypse” boxes to those who successfully completed its coding challenge and promised to “protect Halfpops' peeps in the event of catastrophe,” Adweek detailed.

“Since the brand itself is irreverent and playful, we wanted to do something that would be bold and a little bit ridiculous,” said Mike Watts, VP of marketing for Halfpops. “We're a small brand trying to make a big splash.”

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Coders can still complete the challenge to receive a coupon for a free large bag of Halfpops, and non-coders can receive a 20 percent off coupon on the same site.