The Halal Guys Are Finally Coming To California This October

California is getting its first ever Halal Guys: the extremely popular New York City-based street cart will open in Costa Mesa, California on October 2.

Although this new West Coast location has been brewing for quite some time, Californians will finally be able to experience the simple of joy of meat plus rice plus white sauce.It's just an equation that makes sense. The exact location of this new food cart will be 3033 Bristol Street. 

Last year, we reported on the Halal Guys' plans to expand internationally, with more than 100 locations planned throughout the East Coast, California, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East over the next five years. 

The Halal Guys originally sold their famous rice and shawarma platters from a small cart on 53 Street and 6 Avenue. Their first actual storefront restaurant opened in June 2014 on East 14 Street, with more restaurants popping up in New York and Chicago since then.

Here are some photos from the Halal Guys' Instagram to remind you exactly why this expansion could be the best street food news we've heard in months.


Who says leftovers aren't good?? #Thehalalguys make great leftovers! Repost from @_chloesee #thehalalguyssocal

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