The Guy Who Wrote Chili's 'Baby Back Ribs' Jingle Has Never Actually Eaten The Ribs

In what might honestly be one of the most shocking pieces of industry news we've ever heard, Vice Munchies revealed today that Guy Bommarito — the man who invented the very, very catchy "Baby Back Ribs" jingle for Chili's — has never actually eaten the ribs.


Anyway, Munchies interviewed Bommarito about the song, named by AdAge in 2004 as the song  most likely to get stuck in your head, and found out that the song was written in five minutes, during an advertising era when jingles were considered the industry's "lowest form."

Bommarito tells Munchies, "I just did it myself so that no one would have to mess with it."

The song, which then went on to become one of the catchiest songs of all time, made its way into Austin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me, and was even covered by 'N Sync.

Even so, two decades later, Guy has never tasted the ribs.

"I've had ribs before, and I guess I've had baby back ribs before. But I've never had them at Chili's," he explains. In fact, the former ad man says he uses that song as an example of a time when a campaign creator didn't have to have personal experience with the product.

"I tell people I've never had a Chili's baby back rib, so you don't necessarily have to try the product to write the song, I guess."