This Guy Has Eaten Chipotle for 106 Days Straight… and He’s Still Going

Mark Rantal has kept up an initially accidental Chipotle lunch streak for more than 100 days

We all appreciate Chipotle every once in a while, but Mark must really love it. 

Meet Chipotle’s biggest fan — well, sort of. Mark Rantal, a graphic artist and improv comedian from Colorado Springs, Colorado, has embarked on a seemingly never-ending Chipotle quest. So far, Rantal has managed to eat Chipotle for lunch every day for the past 106 days — and he doesn’t even change up his order. According to ABC News, he gets the same meal every day: a burrito bowl with white rice, pinto beans, fajitas, sofritas, mild salsa, corn, medium salsa, cheese, and lettuce.

It started in April, when Rantal happened to have lunch plans at Chipotle three days in a row. His friend joked about his sofritas streak.

“We laughed about it at lunch and he asked how long I thought I could go,” he told ABC News.

More than 100 days later, Rantal is still riding the salsa wave. His local Chipotle has taken notice, he says, and gives him a free meal every one out of 10 lunches. So is he tired of Chipotle yet?


“For me, food is one of those things [I think of] as fuel instead of celebration,” he told ABC News. “I’ve just never really gotten so into it.”