Tom Colicchio, Share Our Strength Launch Massive Media Campaign to Highlight America’s Big Fat Hunger Issue

The multi-platform campaign will unite industry rivals like Google and Facebook, and Condé Nast and Hearst

Americans will be called to unite in the fight against hunger, which affects one in six U.S. citizens. 

In partnership with the hunger relief organization Share Our Strength, the filmmakers behind the documentary A Place at the Table have launched Great Nations Eat, a media campaign aimed at drastically increasing public awareness about America’s hunger problem, which affects one in six citizens.

The goal in uniting all forms of media in order to highlight such an important issue is to “galvanize audiences and create mass movement,” said Great Nations Eat cofounder Tim Castree, “with technology and platforms to help us make our case to the American public for action on hunger.”

To begin, Great Nations Eat plans to create at least one billion media impressions over the next six months — with the help of major national print publishers like Time Inc. and national and local television partners (Discovery, AMC, BET,TLC); more than 900 radio stations, including PSAs with partner talent; social media integration; digital publications; and public space advertisements, including subway and bus ads.

The campaign will make partners of industry rivals like Facebook and Google, Spotify and Pandora, and Condé Nast and Hearst.


“If the hunger problem in America was just about charity or money, it would have been solved already,” said Tom Colicchio, chef and executive producer of A Place at the Table. “If you look at the public health issues the government has solved before like yellow fever and cholera — these are issues that we thought were just crises of the poor, issues of the inner city. As a great nation we resolved to end them, and we did. Hunger affects one in six Americans… if you’re on a crowded subway in New York, most likely there are people that are hungry sitting next to you; they’re in your community, you may know them.”