This Gourmet Japanese Restaurant Only Serves Canned Food


This bar is pretty much doing the exact opposite of what every other chef in the world is trying to accomplish.

Canned food is usually associated with people who are afraid of getting their hands dirty in the kitchen. But one restaurant chain in Japan is kicking the Campbell’s stigma to the curb: Mr. Kanso (Japanese for Mr. Simple), is a trendy chain of Japanese bars that only serves unique canned food.Mr. Kanso just opened up its newest location in Hiroshima.

The chain, which originally opened in 2002, has no menus, but offers 300 types of canned food, featuring delicacies from all over the world including canned omelettes (Owner Yasuhiro Nakano says it’s a favorite amongst his customers), bee larvae, and lobster. The prices range from under $2 to almost $50 (the latter is the price of a can of lobster). There are some stranger offerings, too, like Hokkaido bear curry to French salad.


Nakano’s costs are cut significantly, according to News 24 Japan, because he doesn’t have to hire a chef; most of the time customers just pick the can they want, and the bartender heats it up for them.