Gordon Ramsay Offers Job to Struggling Cook on His Reddit AMA

Gordon Ramsay not only answered Reddit’s questions, but also provided a thoughtful response and job offer to a struggling chef

We knew Ramsay was a stand-up guy underneath those curse-ridden tirades of his.

Gordon Ramsay’s Reddit AMA over the weekend wasn’t just memorable because of his thoughtful and friendly answers to the dozens of questions users posed to him, but also for his decision to help make a struggling cook’s dreams come true by offering him a possible position at one of his restaurants.

The top-voted response in the Gordon Ramsay AMA thread is a now-deleted plea from an exhausted professional cook who described his “hopes and dreams” as “nowhere to be found as I scale and portion salmon after salmon, shelling pods after pods of broad beans.” At the end of the long, emotionally wrought tirade, the cook describes his joy when when a customer says “'thank you chef. this is delicious'… making the previous 14-hours of sweat and tears kind of worthwhile.” The Reddit user asks the chef, “how did you deal with it? How the f**k did you deal with all the bulls**t, Gordon?... Whatever you’ll tell me, I’ll listen.”

Ramsay lays out a thoughtful response, telling the aspiring young chef that he needs to take a break, and encouraging him to never give up. He also, amazingly, offers the chef a job, saying, “if you send me your resume, I could look at putting you into one of the restaurants as a work experience, if you want to see something different, in order to make sure you don't come off the rails, to see something different, to create that level of interest.”


The young chef was, of course, floored by this response, and a Reddit representative confirmed that she will negotiate the exchange of information between the two chefs.