GOP Presidential Hopeful Scott Walker’s Claim to Fame: He Once Tried to Legally Define a Sandwich

Wisconsin governor Scott Walker provided a definitive definition of the sandwich in a 1997 House bill

A candidate who knows what he wants during lunch: that’s what we’re looking for in a president.

Scott Walker may have stirred up controversy with his firm anti-Planned Parenthood stance and funding for a mandatory voter ID law, but this polarizing politician certainly knows what he wants when it comes to lunch. The Wisconsin governor — who is now one of the 15 Republican 2016 presidential hopefuls — once tried to push a 1997 Assembly bill that would confirm the exact definition of a sandwich.

The bill, which was created to reaffirm sales taxes on foodstuffs, defined sandwiches as “food that consists of a filling; such as meat, cheese or a savory mixture that is placed on a slice, or between two slices of a variety of bread, roll, croissant or a bagel.”

His definition encompassed gyros, pita sandwiches, and pocket sandwiches, but excluded burritos, tacos, enchiladas, egg rolls, and any pastries. Sorry, ice cream sandwiches. The USDA, for the record, agrees with Walker: Burritos and tacos are not legally considered sandwiches.

Which leads us to the confusing conundrum: Would you consider a hot dog a sandwich? These are the important questions that presidential hopefuls should be answering for the American populace.