Google Wants to Put Your Food Photos on the Map

Google Maps is testing out a feature that asks you for your restaurant photos to help populate their digital maps

Taking a photo at your favorite local restaurant? Google wants in on your visual feast.

Google is quietly testing a new feature that allows you to attach food photos to restaurants in Google Maps. Right now, the feature is only accessible to local guides “levels three and above” (aka people who constantly use Google Maps’ fairly new feature, Map Maker).According to Android Police, the new feature allows you to snap a photo and upload it directly to the corresponding Maps location “in just two taps.”

Map Maker super users will get a notification whenever they take a picture inside a restaurant, café, or bar, and receive an immediate notification offering to post it to Google Maps (you’ll need your location history turned on for it to work). Your photos will end up in the photo dump database within Google Maps, and other Google users will be able to see your food photos.  


Right now, this is not a full-fledged app, although it is reminiscent of the short-lived Tablescape app, which encouraged Google+ users to upload their “foodographs” to the app within specialized categories like “vegetarian” or “cheesy.“