Good Humor Truck Adds iPad Ordering and Ditches Iconic Jingle for Beyoncé

Good Humor ice cream trucks have entered the 21st century with a splashy new design and an appeal to ‘kids today’
Good Humor Truck Adds iPad Ordering and Ditches Iconic Jingle for Beyoncé
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The downside is, if we hear someone blasting pop music we’ll blame our annoying neighbors instead of running out to grab some ice cream.

One of the unmistakable sounds of summer is the cheery jingle of “Turkey in the Straw” signaling the arrival of the hero of hot and humid weather: the ice cream man. Well, Good Humor decided that the white truck and old-fashioned ditty (which may actually be an appallingly racist folk song from yesteryear), was too passé. Enter the next generation of Good Humor ice cream trucks: painted in bright, psychedelic colors and blasting Top 40. The new trucks are rolling out on Long Island, New York this summer.

The young and the young at heart will be able to place their order on iPads, which will also list nutritional information of these classic treats (but honestly, do we really need to know how many calories a Choco Taco is? It kind of ruins the experience). Gone too are the starchily pressed white duds with the iconic bowtie: Instead, ice cream men and women will wear more “current” fashions in an effort to appeal to the twenty-first century kid.

“It’s just an old-fashioned idea that needs to be revitalized,” Butch Yamali, head of Good Humor’s Nassau County distributor Dover Group, told The New York Post. “When I was a kid, when you heard the ice cream truck, you ran down the street no matter what you were doing. Nowadays, a lot of kids have earphones in, and they don’t even notice.”

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