GM-OMG! There's A Ketchup And French Fries Plant Out There

Growing your own fries and ketchup may sound silly, but it's a reality with the TomTato plant, a plant developed by a British horticulture company Thompson & Morgan that grows both tomatoes and potatoes at the same time.Although developed in 2013, the plant, appropriately nicknamed the "ketchup and fries plant," is now available for commercial purchase. That's right: You can grow your very own endless batch of fries and ketchup in your own backyard.

For now, the plant will only be available to British consumers but if popular, will likely make its way to the States and beyond.

The product took nearly six years to produce, for the Dutch scientists beyond the ingenious invention to grafting a stem wide enough to support the weight of two different types of produce in one plant. The intention of Thomspon & Morgan horticulturalists was to create a plant that would be a space-saver for those with small growing areas.