Girl Gets Kicked Out of McDonald’s Bathroom Allegedly for Looking Like a Boy

A teenage British girl was kicked out of the women’s restroom in a McDonald’s for looking like a boy

This girl claims she was kicked out of a McDonald’s for using the correct bathroom.

There has been a lot of talk nationwide about public bathrooms: whether or not they should be unisex, and where transgender people should do their business. To add to the quandary, a British teenage girl claims that she was kicked out of a McDonald’s bathroom after staff thought she was male.

Ny Richardson, 16, has a short, boyish haircut and when she visited the McDonald’s in Hull, England, she experienced some not-so-welcome customer service.

“I ordered my food and left it with my girlfriend as I went to the toilet,” she told Metro UK. “When I was in there, someone told me to get out and when I sat back down, the manager came over and told me that I needed to leave because I have been in the girls’ toilet.”

Richardson was asked to show identification to prove her gender, and then was kicked out after they called the police.

The McDonald’s management claims that she was only kicked out for being part of a rowdy, disruptive group.


“We can confirm a group of individuals were asked to leave our St Andrew’s Quay restaurant, following several complaints about inappropriate behavior,” McDonald’s said in a statement. “This group has been asked to leave the restaurant on numerous occasions over the past few days, culminating in the police being called on Tuesday evening. These actions have been taken due to unacceptable behavior only.”