Ghirardelli Comes Out with Decadent Chocolate Sauces and Brownie-Flavored Squares

Ghirardelli expands its line of chocolates with a new chocolate and caramel sauce, and a brownie square

Here are several new ways you can satiate your sweets craving.

We technically weren’t asking for a mouthwatering way to jazz up our ice cream, but now that it’s here, we certainly won’t complain. Ghirardelli just announced the launch of a line of premium chocolate and caramel sauces. The possibilities, as we see it, are endless: you could use it to top off your ice cream, hot cocoa, coffee, latte, and even dessert martini.

And if that wasn’t enough, Ghirardelli is also coming out with a new chocolate variety to add to their line of famous bars and squares: brownie, inspired by their brownies. The new square is milk chocolate topped with a sprinkle of sea salt, and the three new bar varieties are milk chocolate caramel brownie, dark chocolate sea salt brownie, and milk chocolate brownie. We have no idea how these candy bars are going to taste different than the regular Ghirardelli varieties, but at the moment our brain is distracted by all of these promises of chocolate.

“Our customers have so much passion and love for our Ghirardelli brownie mixes that we decided to make a chocolate flavor inspired by them,” said Marty Thompson, CEO of Ghirardelli Chocolate Company. “The Premium Sauces, which are in high-demand in ice cream and frozen yogurt shops, are going to excite consumers now that they can bring this experience into their own homes.”