Germany Striker Banned for Two Games for Reasons Including His Love for Nutella

Wolfsburg striker Max Kruse was outed for his Nutella addiction

Germany manager Joachim Low says, “We need players who are focused on football.”

Wolfsburg striker Max Kruse has put his career in jeopardy over some recent inappropriate actions…and his love for Nutella.

Klaus Allofs, the director of the team, spoke with Kruse about his diet during winter training last week, reports The Washington Post.

“The aim is to support our players to deliver optimum performance,” Allofs said. “Max needs to correct a few things.” Perhaps one of the things Allofs is referring to is Kruse’s habit of eating Nutella as part of his breakfast, according to The Daily Mail.

Eating habits aside, other recent incidents have landed Kruse in hot water with his team. Kruse left €75,000 ($84,000 USD) in a taxi cab after a night of playing poker. The money was never recovered.

In another incident, Kruse reportedly grabbed a cell phone from a woman taking photos of him in a Berlin nightclub. Though he apologized, he was fined €25,000 ($28,000 USD).


Germany Manager Joachim Low says, “We need players who are focused on football and also understand their role as role models. I talked with Max about what I expect from players on and off the pitch. His actions in the last weeks were unprofessional.”