Geoffrey Zakarian Smells Like Vanilla and Scotch & Other Facts from Alex Guarnaschelli’s Reddit AMA

Iron Chef and TV food personality Alex Guarnaschelli did a pretty hilarious and informative Reddit Ask Me Anything

We’ve always wanted to know more about the tough Chopped judge.

Alex Guarnaschelli is on fire. We already told you about her upcoming restaurant in Miami and her experience on the newest Food Network show, All-Star Academy, but now the Chopped judge and Iron Chef has revealed even more during her recent Reddit AMA. Here are some of the highlights from the informal open-forum interview.

Geoffrey Zakarian smells like vanilla and scotch “Geoffrey smells like — that is f-cking brilliant — he smells like Madagascar vanilla extract combined with 25 year barrel-aged Scotch. And orchids.” We knew it.

You’ll probably never see celebrity chefs overlapping Food Network shows “Keeping judges and chefs on specific shows retains their uniqueness. Can't interchange all chefs on all shows, just like you don't have the cast of the Big Bang Theory on Girls. Although it would be really great if they did.”

She loves to eat Japanese food, but will never cook it “The technique behind it, to me, takes a lifetime to learn.”

Chefs do get tipsy on Chopped: After Hours “There might be an occasional glass of wine. Or two.”

Food Network hasn’t actually canceled Iron Chef America “I am confident that show will come back. Stay tuned.”

These are the must-have dishes at her Butter restaurant “You have to have the raspberry beignets, the ricotta crostini, and the octopus.”


Her favorite ingredients to work with “Duck. Kohlrabi. Dry ginger. Pixie mandarin oranges.”