Geoffrey Zakarian Says Trump’s Kids Should Sue Their Dad

A deposition from the lawsuit between Zakarian and Trump over a breach of contract shows the restaurateur’s angry reaction
Zakarian felt Donald Trump “poisoned” the scrapped project at the Trump Hotel in D.C.

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Zakarian felt Donald Trump “poisoned” the scrapped project at the Trump Hotel in D.C.

Last year, after Donald Trump’s now-infamous controversial statements about Mexican immigrants, both chefs José Andrés and Geoffrey Zakarian pulled out of their restaurant contracts with Trump for his new hotel in Washington, D.C. As a result of a breach of contract, Zakarian and the Trump family are facing each other in court.

In the deposition acquired by The Washingtonian, Zakarian stated he was “aghast” by Trump’s “morally reprehensible” comments, but holds no grudge against Trump’s children, who, he said, “should sue their dad” instead.

The entire legal debacle began when Donald Trump Jr. saw Zakarian’s comments on pulling out of the Trump Hotel in The New York Times. He claimed this was the first time he heard about the breach of contract. According to the deposition, Trump Jr. spoke with Zakarian, whose investors were “concerned” about Trump’s statements. After some back and forth, Zakarian allegedly went radio silent. But apparently, there was tension even before Trump Sr.’s comments about immigrants. The Trump family often butted heads with Zakarian’s team over the design of the world-be restaurant, The National.

In the end, the tone of Trump’s son’s deposition seems to wildly veer from Zakarian’s. Trump Jr. described Zakarian’s exit from the Trump Hotel in D.C. as “jumping on the bandwagon” and following in José Andrés’ footsteps. Zakarian, however, claimed Trump Sr. “poisoned” the project with his demeanor.

“If they should be suing someone, they should sue Donald senior, because he f***ing did this,” Zakarian said in the deposition. “He did this. He rendered this Chernobyl. He did it. So they should sue their dad.”

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