Spaghetti gelato may sound gross, but it’s actually a sweet dessert in disguise.


This Gelato Looks (But Doesn’t Taste) Exactly Like Spaghetti

This gelato from Gelato and Angels ice cream shop in California looks like spaghetti with marinara sauce

Savory desserts are becoming quite the trend lately, but is spaghetti ice cream taking it too far? The spaghetti gelato cone, a prank dessert from Gelato and Angels gelateria in Manhattan Beach, California, is made to look exactly like spaghetti with marinara sauce and Parmesan cheese but is actually just ice cream.

Here’s how it’s made:  Taking inspiration from a German dessert known as “spaghettieis,” the gelato maker starts with straining vanilla gelato into noodle-like strands on top of a waffle cone. The “spaghetti sauce” (aka strawberry sauce) and Parmesan cheese crumbles (aka white chocolate pieces) are added on top. The result is a convincing illusion of spaghetti ice cream, though presumably far more tasty than the hybrid name would suggest.

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If that doesn’t tempt your taste buds, Gelato and Angels also sells gelato-filled warm doughnuts.