Game of Thrones

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A ‘Game of Thrones’ Pop-Up Bar Is Coming to Washington, D.C.

The pop-up bar comes in preparation for the seventh season of the series, which premiers on July 16
Game of Thrones

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One theme in the bar will be the Hall of Faces, which will feature the faces of real people cast in plaster and hung on the walls.

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, get ready to make your way to Washington, D.C., this summer — a themed pop-up bar dedicated to the HBO series is making its debut and thrilling guests with all things Lannister and Targaryen.

The pop-up bar will be hosted by Derek Brown and Angie Fetherston of Drink Company, a D.C.-based group that also created the Christmas Bar, Cherry Blossom Bar, and a Stranger Things Bar, according to Washingtonian. The pop-up will transform three of the company’s bars — Mockingbird Hill, Southern Efficiency, and Eat the Rich — into King’s Landing, which will run from June 21 to August 27.

The bar will be split into sections depicting different themes in the show, such as the Red Keep, Hall of Faces, the North (complete with a weirwood tree), and the city of Meereen.

The cocktail menu will also have themed-drinks including the Imp’s Delight, made with two wines; Shame, a tequila and grapefruit tonic drink; and the Dracarys, a sherry mai tai with salt garnished with a mini dragon. The drinks will cost between $13 and $15.


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