Gallons of Maple Syrup Spill Onto New Hampshire Roads

No pancakes or waffles were affected in this maple syrup spill
Maple Syrup Spillage

Wikimedia Commons/Dvortygirl/CC 3.0

The freight truck was carrying 220 gallons of maple syrup from Vermont.

It was a very sticky situation on the roads in Keene, New Hampshire.

On July 27, gallons of maple syrup leaked out of a freight truck on the Winchester Street-Route 101 roundabout. The syrupy roads brought about traffic delays on Route 9.

The freight truck was apparently carrying 220 gallons of maple syrup from a Vermont producer — not a surprise, since the state produces 42 percent of the country’s supply.

It is unknown what caused the maple syrup to leak out of the truck. Officials tried to clean up the mess using absorbent materials, such as sand and tarps.

The driver, who does not want to be identified, was traveling from Alstead to Marlborough. He was alerted by New Hampshire Department of Transportation officials driving behind him that his truck was leaking.


The truck blocked one lane of traffic entering the roundabout. Overall, it was a sticky yet sweet-smelling mess for commuters that day.