Well, we’ve already had maple bacon doughnuts, so this is the new next best thing.


Fried Chicken Doughnuts Are Now a Thing at This Doughnut Spot

Virginia-based doughnut chain Sugar Shack has created a Korean fried chicken doughnut that has heads spinning

We’ve seen plenty of strangely flavored gourmet doughnuts but this one just might be the icing on the dough. Sugar Shack Donuts, a small doughnut chain based in Virginia, has created a Korean fried chicken doughnut to its Arlington location.

The bizarre creation comes in two varieties, according to Arlington Now: The spicy option has a sriracha maple glaze with spicy chicken. The milder version has a maple glaze with honey chicken on the top.

You likely won’t see these quirky chicken-topped doughnuts elsewhere:  They are a collaboration with the nearby Dak! Chicken.

“We have sold quite a few,” Sugar Shack employee Andy Barry told Arlington Now. “We’ve definitely had people come in just for the donuts.”

The doughnuts will be offered at the Arlington Sugar Shack on the last Thursday of every month. 

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