Free Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Today; Also, Ben & Jerry’s Has Created a Beer

Today is free Ben & Jerry’s cone day, and the ice cream mavericks just announced a salted caramel brownie brown ale
Free Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Today; Also, Ben & Jerry’s Has Created a Beer
Ben & Jerry's

Two scoops of delicious Ben & Jerry’s news today!

Today is April 14, the most important holiday of all. No, don’t worry, you didn’t miss Earth Day. It’s free Ben & Jerry’s cone day! At all Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops around the world, for the 36th year in a row, customers can get a free small cone between 12 p.m. and 8 p.m. The three available flavors are chocolate fudge brownie, Cherry Garcia, and chocolate chip cookie dough.

And unlike other freebie days, you can get back in line for more free ice cream as many times as you want! But we bet you’ll think twice about waiting in line again, since Ben & Jerry’s is expected to give away more than one million scoops today. Some scoopers told Time Magazine that they stood in line not once, not twice, but seven times to satiate their ice cream cravings.

This Free Cone Day also brings more Ben & Jerry’s news: The ice cream company has teamed up with New Belgium Brewing Company to create salted caramel brownie brown ale. That’s right: Chocolate brownie ice cream is now a thing, according to First We Feast. You can get the 6.3 percent ABV brown ale, brewed with cocoa, at select grocery stores later this year. 

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