‘Freaky Fast’ Delivery Gone Too Far: Jimmy John’s Employee Hops Over a Train

Witness who took a video capturing the incident asks, ‘Is delivering a sandwich really worth it?’

A Jimmy John’s franchisee says the company does not condone this type of delivery method.

A Jimmy John’s delivery person in Jacksonville took the chain’s ‘freaky fast’ delivery a step too far, hopping over a train with his bike in hand instead of waiting for it to pass.

The incident was captured on video by a concerned bystander, who asks, “Is delivering a sandwich really worth it?” reports WJXT. The video shows the employee approaching the moving train, hopping on, and riding it for a few feet before climbing over to the other side.

Elizabeth Scott, the owner of several Jimmy John’s locations in Jacksonville, says, “We do not condone that type of delivery method. We expect all of our drivers and delivery employees to follow all traffic laws and, in this case, railroad crossing laws.”


There is no word yet on any disciplinary actions that have been taken for the employee.