Fox Traffic Reporter Caught Ordering Filet-O-Fish from McDonald’s on Live Television

In his defense, the man was hungry and he had been working since 4 in the morning

Everybody be cool, please. 

A Fox traffic reporter known in the Baltimore area as Traffic Jam Jimmy was caught on live television as he was in the process of ordering a Filet-O-Fish sandwich from the McDonald’s drive-thru at 7 a.m.
Unfortunately for Jimmy, they didn’t have fish sandwiches ready at 7 in the morning, and he had to order an Egg McMuffin and coffee instead.
Jimmy, who was clearly caught off-guard when an in-station reporter asked him for an updated traffic report, quickly apologized, placed his order, and resumed reporting on traffic conditions.
As Jimmy pulled away from the ordering window, he said into his microphone, “I didn’t know we were coming live. I’m sorry. Anyway, I’m hungry so I’m going to get a little something to eat. [If] they expect you to work for eight hours in the car, you gotta eat, Candice. Anyway, don’t tell the boss I did this. I’ll be back in a little while.”
Poor Jimmy. Don’t tell the boss, Candice.