Foursquare’s New Bot Can Recommend Food By ‘Reading Your Mind’

Foursquare is developing an app that can recommend restaurants based on your own preferences, before you even ask
Marsbot is like a personal assistant for restaurant recommendations.


Marsbot is like a personal assistant for restaurant recommendations.

Feeling hungry? How about a personalized restaurant recommendation from a bot that knows exactly what you want? It sounds futuristic, but Foursquare is releasing an app called Marsbot that learns what you like to eat and when you like to eat, and sends you recommendations based on that, according to Tech Insider. It’s like OpenTable meets a particularly smart Siri.

“Marsbot helps you discover new places by learning what you like and then sending you recommendations via text," the app's description reads. "Unlike a chatbot or personal assistant, Marsbot isn't here to answer your questions or help you do your laundry; instead Marsbot pays attention to your habits and learns about the places you go. From there, Marsbot can send you suggestions about great places to eat and drink that are worth seeking out nearby."

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Unfortunately, Marsbot is still in the testing stages so we won’t be able to find that perfect taco spot without lifting a finger for a little while longer.