Four-Year-Old Asks for Food Bank Donations Instead of Birthday Presents

A little Scottish boy decided to donate food to people in need instead of asking for toys for his birthday
Four-Year-Old Asks for Food Bank Donations Instead of Birthday Presents
The Daily Record

We wish more people in the world were like little Owen Walker.

We can all learn from a little boy in Scotland who is setting a precedent of pure kindness. Meet Owen Walker, a 4-year-old boy who decided to take action when he learned from his mother that some children were not fortunate enough to get a hot meal every day, let alone birthday gifts. For Owen’s birthday, he asked for boxes of food to be donated to a local food bank in lieu of toys or other presents for himself.

His family made the large donation of cans and boxes of food to Ayrshire Food Bank last month, after Owen exchanged chocolates and cake he received for his birthday for supplies for those in need.

“It was lovely to see him understanding and being more appreciative of what he has,” said Laura Walker, Owen’s mother. “I was very proud to see his little face when people were asking and praising him and he was explaining all about the ‘sharing is caring’ concept to them.”

The Food Bank will be presenting Owen with a certificate for his thoughtful generosity.

North Ayrshire Food Bank’s lead developer, Craig Crosthwaite, told The Daily Record, “It’s amazing that someone so young can be so socially aware to recognize the needs of those less fortunate than him. It gives you hope for the future when you’ve got young people out there like that — it really was a tremendous act of kindness from Owen.”

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