Former White House Chef’s Body Found

Walter Scheib’s body was found in Taos, New Mexico, a week after he went missing
White House Chef’s Body Found
Wikimedia Commons

Walter Scheib was the executive chef at the White House from 1994-2005.

A former White House chef who was missing for more than a week was found dead on June 21 near Taos, New Mexico, according to Reuters.

Walter Scheib, 61, was found in a forest near Taos Ski Valley by a search-and-rescue mission. Scheib’s body was about 1.7 miles away from his car, according to The Taos News. The search-and-rescue team spent five days looking for him.

Scheib was last seen on June 13 before he embarked on a solo hike on the Yerba Canyon Trail. His car was found June 16.

Scheib worked at the White House from 1994 to 2005, when Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were in office. He planned state dinners for notable honorees such as Nelson Mandela and led barbecues for thousands of guests on the South Lawn, according to his website, The American Chef.

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