Former Cook Will Serve 4 Years in Jail for Spitting in Customer’s Food and Eluding Police

John F. Stagg Jr., who worked at a restaurant in New Jersey, will spend 4 years in jail after admitting to the heinous act
ABC News

We always thought it was a rumor that if you anger the cook, you’re going to get saliva in your food.

You know what they say: Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Well, this guy drooled, and now he’ll have to do time in the cooler. John F. Stagg Jr., a former cook at a restaurant in Mount Olive, New Jersey, will serve four years in jail after admitting to spitting on a customer’s roll while on parole from previous convictions. After the incident, he was immediately fired from his job at Kennedy’s Pub, even though he has upheld in court that he did not actually serve the roll to the customer.

He told the court that his customer kept sending a chicken française dish back, and he then spat on her roll, but “thought about it and didn’t serve it,” according to  He said that a coworker heard him voice his frustrations aloud and told their manager, and Stagg was fired the next day.

He will technically only do three years of time for tampering with food, plus one year for eluding police during a traffic stop in Warren County in 2011. This will be Stagg’s third criminal conviction: in 2001 he served 8 and a half years of a 10-year prison sentence for robbery.

The kitchen at Kennedy’s Pub was allegedly shut down due to multiple health violations, including Stagg’s spit-take.


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